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Why water for peace?

At the moment, there are so many conflicts in the world that we decided to do something against it. It does not matter if there are conflicts because of religious reasons, migration or climate change.

There is one thing that is existential in all conflicts: water. Water can be a big symbol for peace. That is why we are going to release in 2018 a special water, named Friedenswasser (peace water).

The idea is easy: when you drink our Friedenswasser, you automatically support our foundation, called WATER.FOUNDATION.

Friedenswasser - The Water with History and a Message

In the year 1648 the so called Friedensreiter (riders of peace) spread the dispatch of the end of the Thirty Years War all over Europe. One of the most horrible wars was over.

The so called Friedensreiter from Münster, Verkehrsmuseum München

When the Friedensreiter arrived in the next city the people started to celebrate. Since these days the Friedensreiter stand for something good. That is why we thought that a water coming out of Münster has to be called Friedenswasser.

Therefore, the Friedenswasser is more than a drink – it is a commitment for freedom, tolerance and especially peace.

Friedenswasser - The Charity Water

The sale of the Friedenswasser supports the charity WATER.FOUNDATION. WATER.FOUNDATION is a German charity which wants to improve the world.

To achieve this goal, we use the technology of the company BLUE SAFETY. BLUE SAFETY is an innovative technology company from Münster which cares about water hygiene and consequently works on new technologies to improve the whole field of water.

We also support other charities which need this technology to fulfill their aims. Because of this, WATER.FOUNDATION can also be seen as a helping charity. But this of course costs money and therefore we want to release the Friedenswasser.

Each bottle of the Friedenswasser will support the WATER.FOUNDATION and you can point the way towards a peaceful world by buying it.

Our slogan combines all these aspects:

Many drops make an ocean of difference.
Be one of those drops!


The WATER.FOUNDATION wants to accelerate new innovative technologies and new techniques to protect the environment and turn around the bad developments.

As we already mentioned, the main goal of the charity is to guarantee a secure access to water. For example, in gaza there are 95% of the inhabitants without pure drinking water. Nearly all sources of water are contaminated with fecal bacteria. This shows that there is a lot of work to do.

The first project of the WATER.FOUNDATION takes place in Tanzania on a small island with 2.200 inhabitants. The charity wants to purge the water because there are schistosomiasis pathogen in it. The pathogen can lead to a severe infection which can first pass unnoticed but later result in death.

The WATER.FOUNDATION also works together with other organizations, scientists and institutions to achieve their goals.

Founded was the WATER.FOUNDATION in 2016 by Chris Mönninghoff and Jan Papenbrock, the CEOs of BLUE SAFETY who wanted to change something for those people who do not have the possibility to get pure drinking water.

Jan Papenbrock and Chris Mönninghoff, founders of WATER.FOUNDATION and BLUE SAFETY GmbH

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Our Drinking Water

Although drinking water is the most controlled food in Germany, our Friedenswasser is special.

The quality and purity of the Friedenswasser will be reached through a futuristic and scientific process.

I Love Water
I Love Water

Partnership with the food lab from Münster

As we said before, there are different partnerships. For example, the partnership with the food lab from Münster. The food lab controls the quality of food and combines scientific, manual and gastronomic knowledge.

The food lab is a thinktank and place for innovations from the region for the region.

How the Friedenswasser will be available

The Friedenswasser will be available in glass bottles but we also think about new alternatives which are also sustainable. The filling will take place in Münster first but later it will be possible to fill the bottles in every country or region.

The advantage of having multiple bottling locations is enormous for transporting and reusing the bottles. Through our special treatment process at the bottling we ensure a consistent quality of the bottled water at any filling location. It can be realized in every country and every region. This significantly reduces our CO2 footprint compared to other waters.

Facts about Water

No secret, but not always self-evident: Clean drinking water has only been a UN human right since 2010. But the market is being further privatized. With unpredictable consequences for the poorest ….

…. and for us!

Foto: iStockPhoto / borgogniels

663 million people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. 2.4 million people worldwide, which are 34% of the world population, do not have access to good hygiene facilities. Every 90 seconds one child dies because of contaminated water and insufficient hygiene.

We want to change these numbers with the help of our WATER.FOUNDATION which can be supported by buying the Friedenswasser.

You want to support our WATER.FOUNDATION by buying the Friedenswasser? You want to improve the world?Then please contact us for further information. We are looking forward for your message.


You want to support our WATER.FOUNDATION financially? Then please transfer your donation to the following account:

WATER.FOUNDATION (charitable foundation)

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Deutsche Apotheker und Ärzte Bank

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Please fill this line with your name and address. We will then send you a donation receipt.